What are the popular colors in the car to buy?

What are the popular colors in the car to buy?

With the world full of colors, choosing one is a pretty difficult task. We all have different tastes and preferences when it comes to buying a car. The major area of concern sometimes people think they want the color which describes their personality.

The color you pick has a lot to do as it tends to affect the ownership and as well as the resale value of the vehicle. We have seen less popular colors tends to depreciate the value of vehicle than the most popular ones.

Here we present you list of some popular colors in the cars which you can consider buying.

Best Choice of Colors

There are some of the best colors which always remain people’s first choice such as

Black - 12%

White - 15%

Silver - 23%

Popular Colors in Luxury Cars

In the luxury segment, silver always remains people’s first choice covers the utmost area of the market. Black has also remained the topmost choice in luxury vehicles which affects the resale value.

There are other colors also lies in the segment of luxury cars such as

Silver - 32.1%

White - 11.8%

Light Brown - 11.6%

Black - 8.5%

Med. Dark Blue - 8.6%

Med Red - 6%

Med. Dark Gray - 7.2%

Med Dark Green - 1.8%

Gold - 3%

White Metallic - 17.7%

Popular Colors in Convertibles and Coupes

Convertible cars lie in the heritage or sports car which means some aggressive color is suitable to match in the category. Red, blue, dark grey lies in the segment and also they are more which fits in the category such as

Bright Red- 6.9%

White - 8.8%

Light Brown - 4.3%

Black - 14.3%

Med. Dark Blue - 12.9%

Med Red - 5.5%

Med. Dark Gray - 6.7%

Dark Red - 2.6%

Gold - 4.1%

Popular Colors in SUV/ Trucks

SUV and Trucks covers a major part of the market and comes in a variety of colors which provides users different option to buy the vehicle. Let’s have a look which colors lies under these

Silver - 18%

White - 19.3%

Light Brown - 5.1%

Black - 12.4%

Med. Dark Blue - 11.4%

Med Red - 7.1%

Med. Dark Gray - 7.5%

Med Dark Green - 6.7%

Gold - 1.8%

Bright Red- 4.5%

Popular Colors in Sedan and Hatchbacks

Hatchback and sedan face the maximum competition as they are manufactured by various brands and covers the maximum share of the market. In this segment, the resale value of the car holds an important place as people mostly purchase sedan and hatchback.

Silver - 28.1%

White - 11.8%

Light Brown - 11.6%

Black - 11.2%

Med. Dark Blue - 9.5%

Med Red - 7.6%

Med. Dark Gray - 6.2%

Med Dark Green - 5.3%

Gold - 3.4%

Dark Red- 2.6%

Always look for those colors which are subtle and look better on the vehicles and bright colors are not made for the car category. There are chances when we are drawn towards bright colors like yellow but it’s not a wise decision to buy one. Discuss with the sales-person before buying the car he will provide you an idea about the market.