Get the Best Resale Value in 2020 on These Top 5 Cars

Get the Best Resale Value in 2020 on These Top 5 Cars

If you owned a car, truck or SUV for a while, even now you are thinking about trading it in for a newer model. If you are close to that stage, you might also be wondering how much money you can expect to get back in resale value. However, the time to think about that is long before you are thinking of selling your beloved set of wheels.

Here, we are discussing top 5 cars that gives you best resale value:

Subaru WRX for Sale:

This car is a full of fun to drive – and offers excellent resale value once you’re tired of doing so. It’s empowered with a powerful engine and drive, costs less than $35,000 on average and should retain over 45 percent of its resale value for at least five years.

Honda Ridgeline for Sale:

It could be a best option to tow over 5,000 pounds on this list, but this genuinely rugged truck is expected to retain over 46.5 percent of its resale value for at least five years. You can tow to your heart’s desire and reap the rewards years later.

Chevy Colorado for Sale:

Here’s another truck that is expected to retain over 47 percent of its resale value for half of a decade. It’s true. This canyon-ready all terrain friendly truck is an excellent pick if you’re looking for a genuinely intense ride that will retain the investment you put into it.

Ford F150 for Sale:

Ford F150 maintain universal appeal for decades and help you put in tough work. This truck, an American legend, will retain over half of its resale value for five years.

Jeep Wrangler for Sale:

The first of the SUVs on this list has a lot to offer consumers. Beloved by members of the military and civilians alike, this SUV is indeed a vehicle that can go anywhere and do anything––make sure to obey traffic laws while you’re in the can-do-anything mind-set that owning a Jeep sometimes inspires! In addition to making you feel fantastic, owning a Jeep also allows you to maintain over 54 percent of its resale value

“No matter what car you choose to purchase, taking care of your vehicle, getting regular inspections, driving safely, minimizing your mileage and keeping the interior clean will help you get as much return back on your “investment” as possible once you are done driving it”

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